I make 10 minute videos in one take with low production.

I am an innovator and theologian currently pastoring a church with the United Methodist (UMC).

Peacing It All Together is my podcast with Randy Woodley. He is my mentor, friend, co-author, and conversation partner.

I’m wrapping up a doctorate that employs critical race theory in a practical theology of leadership.

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I grew up a Billy Graham-style evangelical but was far too interested in theological exploration and had to migrate about 14 years ago. I have pastored 4 churches in 3 different denominations and I am a podcaster.

I did my PhD work at Claremont School of Theology. I was a visiting professor of theology at my former seminary. Then I took on a small congregation in Portland and experimented with a hybrid model of ecclesiology (interactive church) that I had cooked up when I was in Los Angeles where I helped start the Loft LA.

I love to ride bicycles.

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