A recent article on the Gospel Coalition website [link] attempted to point out the incompatibility of Critical Theory with Christianity.

Below is short video detailing some of the problems with that article. I compare it to asking,

“Is an auto mechanic’s toolbox incompatible with a broken car?”

The answer is no. Unless you didn’t know that car was broken so you think that the mechanic’s diagnostic tools broke the car. Or you only think in cars so your imagine that all of the mechanic’s tools, when put together, is a car that competes with your car.

What I am saying is: this is a confusion of categories.

Critical Theory is a set of tools to examine, interrogate, critique the structures that hold us ‘the way things are’.

So when the author says that Critical Theory is a growing threat to the church … you have to ask “what church?”.

Here are the 3 C’s that I am suspicious of in this article:

  1. Cognitive Belief (Enlightenment Rationality)
  2. Christendom Legacy (Structures and Institutions)
  3. Colonial Missions (Conversion-ism)

Critical Theory, then, is our salvation from that kind of Christianism (Frankenstein Christianity).

Since this article is on the Gospel Coalition website I can’t guarantee that it is a sincere attempt to address the issue in good faith – apologetics has a notorious reputation for masking its real agenda behind a facade of inquiry. It is willing to consider something new by scratching the surface in order to expose that the new perspective contradicts and is therefore incompatible with ‘classic’ Christianity (a modern imaginary).

As an ‘apologist’ you are only interested in something to the degree that it proves your predetermined conclusions. So that it is opposite of critical theory.

Please watch the video and let me know your thoughts.