My 2 year contract with the my Cell phone provider ran out this month and so I ungraded.

I am 24 hours in. I REALLY like my new phone and the things that it does.

Two little observations:

I got a phone that would not communicate with my old phone in order to bring over my address book.  I am going to have to figure out how to sync the phone with my computer’s address book this weekend.
Until then I have a problem. When someone sends me a text message, their name does not come up alongside their note.  It is just numbers that I do not recognize as I am use to seeing names and not numbers.
SO here is my observation: the content of a message makes little sense apart from the knowledge of who sent it for context.

Thought: You can read something, but without knowing who said it or where they are – it feels like you are missing more than half of the message.

I did not get insurance on the phone.  I figured that I did not need it. The salesman gave me a whole bunch of scenarios – including dropping the phone in the toilet. I thought   ‘yah – but I don’t take my phone to the bathroom’.
That was decision made based on a phone that allows you to text and not much else.

It never dawned on me that if you had the ability to surf the web, email, read the paper, check the weather, etc… that you would want to take your phone to the bathroom and thus be in danger of dropping the phone in the toilet and therefor you would want the insurance.  This dawned on me however while I was walking into the men’s room reading the New York Times on my phone. I smiled at my recognition of the humor in the situation, put my phone in my computer bag, and left my bag by the front door.

Thought: It is tough to make the decision for a new device based on the capabilities of the old one.

Information is an interesting thing.  Without knowing the speaker or the context, it can be unhelpful (at best) and confusing (at worst).
It is also tough to make decision based on information that you do not have.