I was reading a book on ministry this week  (Practicing Gospel by Edward Farley) and it spurred three thoughts:

When we talk about ministry it is good for us to begin quietly with the humble  admission that firstly, we are called by God. That in itself would be enough. If this were what we were asked to do by God then doing it would be its own reward.

Secondly, we recognize that this work of ministry does a great deal of good in the world.

Thirdly, we come to the conversation with the awareness that every believer is a minister. So we proceed in light of that privilege – to progress in a form of ministry that satisfies our vocation.

With those three  initial confessions, any proceeding conversation is flavored by the awareness that we are called by God, that the work we do accomplishes a great amount of good in the world, and that it is a privilege to pursue ministry in this way–given that all believers are ministers.