>I had a little extra time this week (with the Big Tent event over)  and I had a back log of ideas I needed to get out.  I was able to pace myself and put one idea out in each of the projects that I am a part of.

Ethnic Space and Faith: I wrote about this bizarre story out of Mississippi where a community descended from freed slaves is in really trouble and was saved by… bird watching.  

Everyday Theology: I started a new month long series about “Reading the Bible Better” and we got right into it with the story of Jesus and Legion.  My theory is that we need to know two things to read the bible better A) about the 1st century and B) about genres of the books. A lively discussion on politics followed. 

Homebrewed Christianity: reflections on the Big Tent Phoenix event.

Lead from the Fringe: and LA Times article about men and the new phenomenon of being a “Lout” got me to write a little on masculinity and relationships.

That was a good week.  Now I need to get some homework done and (hopefully) get ready for a change of seasons on the job front.

peace to you    -Bo