Here is a fun (weird) conversation I had the other day.

My friend and I are from very similar backgrounds. We both come from a type of church that would classified as charismatic – even if it is mildly so. In our circles there is a very popular preacher on the west coast that tons of people listen to and quote religiously.

I was out for drinks with my friend and we were comparing notes on all that we were learning and he brought up a quote that I have heard the preacher say many times (when I used to listen to the podcast every week) – a quote that is used over and over again by those who run in these circles.

My friend said “what do you think of the quote “Jesus is perfect theology” ?”   We had a great conversation about it.

I happened to have insomnia that night and kept thinking about this quote saying it is not quite right but how would I approach it with someone who had really bought into that…

Then in morning it dawned on me so I texted my friend and here is how the exchange went:

I have been thinking about this all day and night because so many people quote it.
I think I have solved the riddle.

my answer: No! Jesus is perfect revelation. The church is the theology.

Nice. but you should add that there is no perfect theology. If theology is defined as faith seeking understanding, there is no such thing as perfect theology. Jesus is perfect revelation, not perfect theology. Yeah?

Right! That’s why the revelation is perfect but the theology is not 🙂

Ah, yes.

The End.