I have been working with some fun projects (beside work and school).

Here is an amazing interview with Roger Olson that Tripp Fuller did for Homebrewed Christianity (I edited it and helped intro it). He explains common misunderstandings around Arminian theology, the ethical problems of being a Calvinist, the nature and future of evangelicalism, Open theism, the Rob Bell controversy, and the impact of the homosexuality debate in American evangelicalism.

Roger Olson is an amazing Evangelical theologian who helped me greatly with his “post-conservative evangelical”  construction. Check it out here.  It is a fantastic read.

My friend Rachel Held Evans has become a go-to  even ‘must read’ blogger and she had some thoughts on the Roger Olsen interview: if this guy’s an evangelical, then maybe I am too.

and last but not least…

I got to interview Tripp about the 6 theologians that were a part of the Christology series on Homebrewed.  It is an hour long (with an 11 minute into by Chad and Tripp). We cover:

  • Roger Haight – Jesus: symbol of God
  • Elizabeth Johnson – Ecological Christology
  • Douglas Ottati – Modern Liberal Christology
  • Deborah Tanner – Christ the Key
  • Andrew Sung Park – Korean Liberation Christology
  • Joseph Bracken – Process and Catholic Christology

you can listen to it here.

I am loving the conversation and happy to be a part of it!