I have been having some fun at different outlets around the web. Here are 3 audio files that you may want to download for your listening pleasure.

  • I preached this past Sunday at Westwood UMC. Here is the Media player. You can also download it onto your computer or get it on I-tunes. I look at the story of Zacheaus from Luke 19 in a sermon called “the Gift of Possibility”.
  • The economy is a concern for us all. At Homebrewed Christianity it is a theological concern. Tripp interviews Joerg Rieger, author of No Rising Tide – my favorite book on the subject. It is a theological look at the economy and it is fascinating.
  • I got to interview Graham E. Fuller ,the former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA. This is our HBC 9/11 special and I hope that you will listen to it. [the interview starts in minute 9] He wrote a book called “A World without Islam” and we talk about the world we live in and geo-political roots of our contemporary conflicts. We go to  Israel, Turkey, Russia, Bosnia,  Malaysia, Indonesia and America.  We also go back in history – past the Crusades – to the roots of the East/West split and the relevance of those tensions for us today.

I wanted to link these all here for those who, like me, are always looking for something interesting to listen to on their Ipod. It is wonderful to be a part of the wider conversation and I really appreciate all who participate in this little corner of it!   -Bo