I have been asked to contribute on a major project to be unveiled for early 2012.  I am so excited.

So I need to condense down some of my side projects and focus them a little more. This will become the home for my 300-500 word posts about life,faith, and the Bible in the 21st century (navigating between the everyday and theology). I will post my more theological-philosophical stuff over at Homebrewed Christianity.

I posted there this morning in defense of one of my favorite theologians and authors John Caputo if anyone is interested.

A quote from Caputo’s the Weakness of God:

The kingdom of God is the rule of weak forces like patience and forgiveness, which, instead of forcibly exacting payment for offense, release and let go. The kingdom is found whenever war and aggression are met with an offer of peace. The kingdom is a way of living, not in eternity, but in time, a way of living with out why, living for the day, like the lilies the field–figures of weak forces–as opposed to mastering and programming time, calculating the future, containing and managing risk. The kingdom reigns whenever the least and most undesirable our favor all the best and most powerful or put on the defensive. The powerless power of the kingdom prevails when ever the one is preferred to the ninety-nine, whenever one loves one’s enemies and hates one’s father and mother while the world, which believes in power, counsels us to fend off our enemies and keep the circle of kin and kind, of family and friends, fortified and tightly drawn.”  – p. 15