I have 35 days from this Monday (when I turn in my last paper) and when school restarts in January.  I’m going to try and engage these 17 books – some of which I have read before and some of which are new to me.

No Rising Tide by Rieger (Economics & Theology)
Discovering an Evangelical Heritage by Dayton
Revisioning Evangelical Theology by Grenz
The Process Perspective by Cob
Process Theology by Cobb
Revelation Commentary by Farmer
Liberation Theology by Boff
a Theology of Liberation by Gutierrez
Engaging Theology by Bracken
Deglobalization by Bello
Globalization and its Discontents by Stiglitz
Sexism and God-talk by Ruether
God is not One by Prothero (Religion)
Emergence by Johnson (Science)
The Second Naivete by Wallace (Biblical Interpretation)
The 10,000 year explosion by Chochran and Harpending (Science)
To Each Its Own Meaning by McKenzie and Haynes (Biblical Interpretation)
also the upcoming book by my mentor and friend Randy Woodley entitled “Shalom in the Community of Creation”.

Some science, some Bible, some religion, some global issues and a whole lot of theology.  Should a be a fun month and it will get me ready for the next semester!

What is on your reading list?