God told Pat Robertson who the next President of the United States will be.
You can watch it at Slate or read about in million other places.

Here is the thing: as much as people may want to make fun of the guy for being delusional I have to think that there may be something to be said for him.

If anyone follows my blogs either here or at Homebrewed Christianity then you know that I am a big proponent updating the faith. In fact, truth be told, I have written about it more than any other subject over the last 4 years.

I am especially interested in 3 updating things:

  • The way we read the Bible (hermeneutics)
  • The way we conceptualize the universe (cosmology)
  • The way we talk about miracles (metaphysics)

I have even gone so far lately as to publicly articulate why the miraculous is not super-natural and to research church history about eschatology (the end)… I have even shown concern about the evangelical icon Tebow [here].  All of that is to  say that I am not dabbling in this or being halfhearted… nor I am doing what so many that I know are and simply walking away from a faith that is not intellectually credible, scientifically accountable, or personally tenable.

I am in this for the long haul, I give my whole life to this and I am training to someone in the future who teaches others to do the same!

All of that is to say that when Pat Robertson makes the news yet again for some outlandish thing he has said… it really gives me a moment to pause.

IF we do not update THEN every christian who has a one-dimensional ie. surface reading of the Bible* should not only believe that God could have told Robertson BUT should be able to hear from God who the next President of the United States is themselves.

Christian theology teaches that God is omniscient. God knows everything there is. It’s just that the future has not been determined yet and therefor God can not know what is not – God knows only the immense probabilities and possibilities of every related moment and entity. Does that have predictive possibilities? Yes. Does God also reveal what God intends to do? Yes. Does God know the future. No.

‘But what about the books in the Bible that talk about the future‘ you ask? It’s a tough one. It turns out that we many not have been taught to read them as the authors who wrote them intended. In short, I do not believe that the book of Revelation is about the end of the world. I see it primarily as a political commentary on the first centuries (CE) utilizing an apocalyptic genre.

That is part of why the faith needs updating. Pat Robertson is a great example of that.

* I have stopped calling it ‘literal’ since no one, no matter how much they protest, reads the Bible literally and pokes out their eyes (thank God) or many other things that that were never meant to be taken literally.