The hiatus is over. It has been wonderful and I have accomplished a lot.

My brain is rested (which was the main thing) and I am ready to start prepping for my qualifying exams this Fall.

The window started when I  made 2 trips back East to fix up my parent’s house and put it on the market.

The window closed this past week when I performed a family wedding and hosted waves of family (and their air-mattresses) in the living room.

I turned 40 in the window and started a new lifestyle (exercise/eating) change.

There was family heartbreak with the announcement of a divorce for a 24 year marriage.

There was lots of laughter with silly movies and light reading.

I am looking forward to being back in the blog-o-sphere and processing some of the stuff that I am learning  with you here. Man Trip 124 old gears

I literally had to make lists of what I wanted to blog about in order to just keep some level of sanity while on leave. I have lots of thoughts that I have been processing. I look forward to getting back in the game … I have really missed the interactions.

Thank you for all your prayers, notes, and messages. They have meant a great deal to me during this challenging time.

Sincerely,   Bo C. Sanders