I am deep in study these days as I prepare for my exams this September. I have also taken a break from blogging since I left HBC at the end of May.

I’m going to experiment in July with making some short videos for discussion. Below is a 10 min video I made for a class I am teaching at church. We are doing a 6 week study on ‘faith basics’ and some folks missed week 2 on the Bible but heard it was interesting and asked me for a recap.

My basic concept here is that a 4-fold approach to the Bible would be really helpful in the 21st century. The 4 elements are:

  1. The Event
  2. Background Material – cultural/textual
  3. (re) Prestentation
  4. Interpretation/Application

I’m talking quickly because I needed to erase the whiteboard in prep for week 3 (about God) that was about to start.

I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and concerns.

Bible Stuff 10 Min from Bo Sanders on Vimeo.  Here is a link https://vimeo.com/133009864