Last Sunday was both Mother’s Day and Youth Sunday at my church. I gave a short homily (13 min) on the Beauty of the Divine and the living web that connects us all. You can listen to the audio here

This coming weekend I will be speaking at the Table outside Sacramento about updating and innovating both what we say and how we do ‘church’. Church 2.0 is not a gimmick or technique to get more people to come to church – it is a different way of being the church. [here is my first run at the concept]

I want to move from people being spectators at a scripted spectacle – a passive audience at a stage show with everyone facing the same direction – toward an active, integrated, participatory model where folks are contributors in a collaborative enterprise.

Here are the two promotional videos for that event:

Table Invite from Bo Sanders on Vimeo.

2nd Thing from Bo Sanders on Vimeo.

Lastly, we just finished up at series of conversations at The Loft LA about the beauty of what is in the Bible. Here is the podcast about parables – one of my favorite topics!

I would love your thoughts and feedback. I will let you know how this weekend at ‘the table’ goes.