When the contract with Portland Seminary runs out in a few months, I will be heading back into pastoral ministry.

It is not entirely public yet, but I have entered into an agreement with an older congregation in SW Portland to help revitalize their small church and to transition it to be a “conversational community” where critical conversation and historic practices can be integrated with justice concerns.  :~)

  • Relational engament
  • Embodied spirituality
  • Caring for the community

SO if you know any progressive, post-evangelical, or innovative types who want to be a part of transitioning a multi-generational church to a more contemporary engagement built on conversation, practice, and service to the community … please send them along!  We will need partners who want to do (and be) the church in a different way.

Here are my videos on Preaching 2.0 and Church as Google if you are interested.