I am so excited that my intense season has passed.  I moved to a new city (Portland), got a new job (lead pastor), and transferred my ordination (United Methodist).

I also had the opportunity to update the church’s worship space and introduce elements of conversation and participation into the old-school liturgy. It has been a wonderful season of trying new things and innovating with some established things.

Last week I became official with my new denomination, so I thought this would be a good time to return to the blog. I am chomping at the bit to get back into the larger conversation.

Here is a quick video. Below are some links if you are interested.


Our podcast week includes 3 feeds:  [link to the feed here]

  1. Sermons
  2. Sunday School
  3. Bible Study for Progressives [Facebook link here]


The ABCs of Faith is up to ‘U is for Universalism’  [read the PDF here]

I am so excited to be back. Let me know if there are any topics or questions you want me to engage. Can’t wait to begin again.