I left LA over a year and a half ago. I left the internet for a year to focus on getting a permanent job. I came back to social media after the year was over but have only recently started blogging and posting videos again.

I am in a new city (Portland), in a new denomination (UMC), and in a new position (solo pastor).

Last year, I taught in 2 evangelical seminaries and attended a different church most weekends. I learned a lot through this process and next week I wanted to share some insights for your consideration. I will post 3 topics next week:

  • What I learned about social media.
  • What I learned about education.
  • What I learned about evangelicals.


Social Media:

Things have really changed in the past 3 years.

Twitter is nearly unrecognizable.

Social media volume is at 11 and surges every 3-4 days.



Money is the lead dog – but technology is dominant.

Education is a product and students are customers.

Professors are nervous.



They are really into the Bible.

They use coded language.

LGBTQ issues both terrify and annoy them.

They can smell danger.

They don’t get Critical Theory even a little bit.


I am really looking forward to this mini-series. Let me know if there are any other topics I should reflect on.