Where do you find the divine in your everyday?

Is it possible for the ordinary stuff of life to take on sacred meaning?

We are going to find out!!

After Easter, starting April 8th, my church will begin a 3 month journey that I wanted to let you know about!

Please join us for these conversations about significance and meaning in the everyday.

You might be surprised where you find the divine presence in a normal day.  

1 Waking  Up                                        April 8

2 Making the Bed                                April 15

3 Brushing Teeth                                 April 22

4 Losing Keys                                       April 29

5 Eating Leftovers                               May 6

6 Fighting Well                                    May 13

7 Checking Email                                 May 20

8 Sitting in Traffic                                May 27

9 Calling a Friend                                June 3

10 Drinking Tea                                   June 10

11 Sleeping                                           June 17

Practical Divinity                                 June 24


Join us to find meaning every day.

Get the book and follow along – there will be daily reflections posted on the blog
You can order the book here [Link]    It is on Audible and is also on Kindle [ Link]