My friend Tad DeLay has written a second book, The Cynic and The Fool. I was first introduced to this concept by Tad a couple of years ago. I immediately asked him to come to the Loft LA as my conversation partner to talk about it. It was controversial to say the least.

I have held onto a very small part of the concept (that people are comfortable these days in the role of the cynic but that they want their leaders to be fools) and have radically changed my approach to ministry to account for it.

This weekend I will be presenting this concept in Sunday School, as part of the series ‘5 Favorite Ideas’, so I made a 10 min video to share and get the conversation rolling.

I would love your comments, questions, and concerns.

I would also love if you would share this with any leaders or pastors that you know. I want to have a much bigger conversation about the church being a different way in the world.