Here is an 8 minute sermon that I preached last week about belonging, identity, and faith.

The Bible is full of poetic language – including metaphors and metonyms.

I have some fun with those examples before getting into the idea of “the Law” as a much bigger concept.

When you don’t understand the poetic language in the Bible, you can do some harmful stuff with the Old and New Testament.

There is a lot of grace in the ‘Old Testament’ – God is really gracious with the People. Likewise, the New Testament has a fair number of rules and standards for holy living. So you can’t say “the Old Testament is all rules and a wrathful God while the New Testament is full of Grace and kindness”. It is not that easy.

Paul in Galatians uses ‘the Law’ as a metonym for Jewish belonging, identity, and faithfulness. We do the same thing with “grace”, the cross, and “church”.

Check out the video and let me know what you think