We are gearing up for a Fall series that will stretch from Labor Day till nearly Christmas.

It is based on a book edited by Dorthy Bass called “Practicing Our Faith” (the 15 topics are posted below).

I can not tell you how excited I am to enter into these conversations. Here are the 2 biggest reasons:

First, ours in an age of anxiety. I can sense not only people’s anger, insecurity, and agitation … but their collective fatigue and exhaustion. These are moments in history when our faith really should be making a big difference in our cultural engagement but I sense from many people a confusion and a hesitation around how exactly that should look.

Second, I am increasingly convinced that practicing faith is more important and consequential that what faith you have. Unfortunately, we live in time when believing the right things and subscribing to the right doctrinal formulations is not the primary motivating and organizing factor for action and behavior. As a professional theologian, this pains me to say.


I want to invite you to pick up the book – it is really affordable used or on Kindle. It is even cheaper on Audible if you prefer listening.  There is even a cool PDF of a study guide.

There are several churches collaborating on this project, so there will be lots of great content and conversation around it.

I hope that you will join the conversation. Let me know if you want to contribute to the weekly blog and we will set you up as a partner!

Sept 9              Times of Yearning, Practices of Faith (1)

16                    Honoring the Body (2)

23                    Hospitality (3)

30                    Household Economics (4)

Oct 7               Saying Yes and Saying No (5)

14                    Keeping Sabbath (6)

21                    Testimony  (7)

28                    Discernment (8)

Nov 4              Shaping Communities (9)

11                    Healing  (11)

18                   Forgiveness (10)

25                    Dying Well  (12)

Dec 2               Singing Our Lives (13)

9                      Practicing a Way of Life  (14)

16                    A Way of Thinking About a Way of Life  (15)