Randy and I are enjoying the Peacing It All Together podcast. We are slowly picking up listeners and seeing the kind of conversation that we were hoping for.

A couple episodes to highlight:

Episode 14 was about peace being more than the absence of war.

In Episode 15 Randy introduces the Native American tradition of peacemaking.

Episode 17, which came out yesterday, asks ‘where do you get your news?’ and I would love if you would let me know about good sources as we construct a ‘resources’ page.


The church podcast is back this week. We took the summer off to catch our breath and enjoy the amazing weather.

Check out my short sermons – like this one on handling conflict well.

We also have great conversations at the table – here is Sara talking about finding the sacred in the EVERY day.

The thing I am most excited about it the return of Sunday School! Last year we had 1 big topic each week. This year I am layer 4 topics each week to form a theme. I hope that you will tune in to these dynamic conversations (I use an interactive style).