We live in a ‘Perfect Storm’ for conflict and chaos that seems to have no end or hope for resolution.

5 Elements come together

  1. Individualism (consumerism) –
  2. Remnant Structures – fragments of previous eras
  3. Expanded Scope – oversized beyond our understanding

Those 3 create a perfect storm. But the heated environment provides a 4th element that intensifies the problem

4. Water Warmed by Media –  24 hour news and social media

These self selecting platforms create a confirmation bias, which can become an echo-chamber, which morphs into a feedback (distortion) loop when the volume is turned up too high.

The 5th and final element is a ‘spark’ that triggers the :

5. Alienated from the power to change it. Fight against resignation

In the video below I use 3 test cases: 2nd Amendment, Abortion, Policing strategies.

I may make a video just detailing those 3 and adding our voting crisis.


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