In just a couple of weeks we begin the journey through the ABC’s of (modified) Theology!

The schedule is below this intro video.

Mondays at 4 and Thursdays at 3 pm (PST)

Aug 24 & 27

Why modified theology and our contemporary situation

Aug 31 & Sept 3

A is for Atonement (also Adiaphora and Apophatic)

B is for Baptism (and the Body) more than a metaphor

Sept 10

C is for Christology  (and Constructive Theology )

D is for Deconstruction  (and Death of God)

Sept 17

E is for Empire (and Evangelical)

F is for Fideism (and Feminist)

Sept 24

G is for Genre (and Globalization)

H is for Hermeneutics (also Heaven and Hell)

Oct 1

I is for Infallible, Inerrant, & Inspired

J is for Justification (and Justice)

Oct 8

K is for Kenosis (and the Kingdom)

L is for Liberation (and Logos)

Oct 15

M is for Metaphor (and Metaphysics)

N is for Neoplatonism (and Narrative)

Oct 22

O is for Open & Relational (and Orthodox)

P is for Perichoresis (and Post-Colonial)

Oct 29

Q is for Quest for the Historical Jesus (and Queer Theology)

R is for Revelation (and words that begin with ‘Re’)

Nov 5

S is for Salvation (and Second Naivete)

T is for Theopoetics (and Technology)

Nov 12

U is for Universalism (and Ultimate Concern)

V is for Vatican II (and Voluntarism)

Nov 19

W is for the Word of God (and the Wesleyan Quad)

X is for X-ray (and Xenophobia)

Nov 26

Y is for Y2K (and Youth Ministry)

Z is for Zebra (and Zionism)

How To Get Involved: You can either email or let me know on the Public Theology FB page that you want to be a part of it and you are in.

Now – If you can give $13 dollars – $1 for each week  or $26 – one for each letter of the alphabet or whatever you can do, that would be great.  If not, don’t worry about it – I want everyone who is interested to be involved in this conversation.



Venmo: @Bo-Sanders-4

Please comment below or email with any questions or clarifications that are needed.
I hope that you will consider coming on this journey with me.

Art by Jessi Turri