As my semester comes to a close, I finally have some breathing space to post the backlog of stuff I have thinking about and finding along the way.

One of my classes this semester was in Ethics focusing on Pluralism and the Public arena.  A conversation that interested me deeply revolved around the famous JFK speech on religion and the more recent one by Mitt Romney. Though they were probably more similar than different, their differences were profound.

I found this interesting article today in the Washington Post where JFK’s niece says that Sarah Palin gets the argument wrong in her new book.

I have 15 or 20 of these that I will try to put up before the new year (and new semester).

I think that religion in the public sphere is going to take on a whole new weight of intensity in the next two decades. I am not that into partisan politics but Religion and Race are being dragged out front and center in the backlash by a loud minority within ‘the dominant culture’.   By 2048 there will be no white majority in America – race and religion are going to come under renewed pressure in the romanticized (imagined) “Real America”.

On a related note,  I can not wait for winter break so that I can read “Modern Social Imaginaries” by Charles Taylor.