it has been a wild a woolly Summer. In the past week I have moved from Claremont (where I go to school) to the west side of LA (where I work). I had to make multiple trips to the old apartment to clean and clean up in order to get ready for the final walk through (so we could get our deposit back). I also started a new semester of school.  It has been busy.

I have been blogging over at Homebrewed Christianity and will transfer some of that over here… but not all of it. I wanted to experiment and see how some theological ideas would float over there with a different audience. It has worked out well and I have figured out what voice I want to use over there and what I want to post over here.

If you have missed the TNT (Theology Nerd Throwdowns) that I do with Tripp Fuller, you may want to listen to these on I-tunes – unless you have 43 minutes to listen to them streaming.

I will be posting some catch-up stuff in the next couple of days. I look forward to the ongoing exchange of ideas.   -Bo