I wrote this for a friend of mine who hates his prematurely gray hair but loves Joel Osteen… or is it the other way around?

Go to the mirror every morning and open your Bible to Prov 16:31 or 20:29.

Then in your best Texas-Pentecostal voice say:

This is my Gray Hair. I love my Gray Hair.
I have earned every one of these Gray Hairs.
I believe what God has said about my Gray Hair and I receive it as a crown of Glory!
I will never regret my Gray Hair. Never never never.
I will wear it like a banner of Victory and confess that God has established me like a root of prosperity!
I am blessed with God’s favor and my offspring will declare that I am the beloved of God.
I will not be ashamed of what God has done to my hair – and will let it be known today that with this Gray Hair that God has crowned with with favor and blessing.
Therefore what God has declared over me will cast down all concerns about me
and no appearance or image held up against me will prosper.
The Lord has said and now let it be so!!

In case you have never seen the original here is a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncxlkokN-6Q&feature=youtu.be