My PhD Qualifying Exams have been postponed until September. I have siphoned off some time from studying to put out some stuff on HomeBrewed that I wanted to share with you:

An interview with Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Joseph Cheah on the cultural implications of a media sensation: Gangnam Style. This is theological look at the internet phenomenon and the Asian-American experience.

For The Bible Tells Me So with Peter Enns. This Biblical scholar addresses everything from genocide, to Paul’s view of his own Jewishness, to Biblical innerancy.

Today we are releasing an interview with Bonnie Miller-McLemore on Practical Theology.

I returned to the TNT show for a Call-In Special where Tripp and I respond to listener messages.

Freestyle Christianity had me on as a guest to chat about my passion for theology lived out in community.

I will also be leading a Summer School High Gravity class called ‘Living Options in Christian Theology’.
Here is a plug for the class: We are interested in a vibrant approach to a contemporary theological framework that doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your already existing faith.

  • Is Process too big of a leap?
  • Does Radical Theology provide too little substance?
  • Is Practical Theology just too darn practical?

Looking for a robust, thoroughly-Christian theological framework for the 21st century?

Then we have a conversation for you!

As I have taken some time off these past several months, I have noticed a couple of trends:

  1. Process is just too big of a conversion for some. They like the ideas and enjoy that Tripp is so jazzed about it … but it is a major commitment to learn that vocabulary and overhaul nearly every aspect of what they have been taught was Christianity.
  2. Radical Theology is interesting and challenging … but at the end of the day just doesn’t provide very much to go on. It is deconstructive in helpful ways but doesn’t leave you with much for constructing a faith worth even having.
  3. Practical Theology asks some helpful questions and people get why I am into it … but it is a second order discourse and people want to ask some ‘first order’ questions about some primary issues.

This June and July we want to engage is a conversation about science, technology, other religions and the limits of language – while constructing a fully up-to-date version of Christian belief! Don’t worry about Heidegger, Hegel or Kant – plenty has already been said about them – this is an intelligent conversation about the here-and-now of Christian thought. The plan: Living Options in Christian Theology June 12 – Intro: Theology for a Nuclear Age June 18 – Week 1: Theology, Science & Nature June 25 – Week 2: Theology and Public Discourse July 4 – Half-Time Break July 9 – Week 3: Theology, Historicity and Solidarity July 16 – Week 4: Theology and Corporate/Corporeal Identity July 23 – Week 5: Theology and the Prospects for God-Talk Our main text will be Theology at the End of Modernity: Essays in Honor of Gordon D. Kaufman – Sheila Greeve Davaney (Editor) Each of the 5 sections of the book has 3 essays. Each week we will focus on 2 of those essays with Tripp taking one to explore and Bo concentrating on another. We will also supply supplemental material each week on the course website. Sign up – order your book – and get ready for the goodness! PDFs of course material will begin going out May.  Thank you for all the prayers and notes of support. I have really needed them.