Today is Earth Day and I wanted to share 2 things: a quote and links to the HomeGrown series of podcasts. HomegrownLogo_green_rev1

Reading ‘Theology At The End Of Modernity’ – our text for the upcoming Summer School High Gravity class – chapter 1 Sallie McFague says:

We have the powers of destruction no other species has ever had, as our deteriorating ecosystem clearly illustrates. The ongoing history of our planet will necessarily involve our partnership and our participation for its well-being. This does not mean assuming an attitude of control toward the planet, hoping we come up with a quick technological fix. Responsible partnership means adjusting to the rules and rhythms of the earth, adapting to its reality …

Our loyalty must move beyond family, nation, and even our own species to identify, in the broadest possible horizon, with all life: we are citizens of planet Earth.

Last year we did a series called HomeGrown Christianity and got 4 parts into a planned 8. This Summer we will publish the next 4 in preparation for the Pando Pupulus conference ‘An Alternative Vision’.

Here are the 4 episodes for your listening pleasure:

1 – Leah Kostomo – on being planted

2- Matthew Sleeth – on the Gospel according to the Earth

3- Jen Butler – about On Earth As In Heaven

4 – Randy Woodley – on Shalom and the Community of Creation