The coronavirus has exposed 3 kinds of Christianity:
1) Jesus motivated activity
2) Church attenders
3) Christian Nationalist

These three groups seem to follow the bell curve trend that nearly anything you study in human society tracks with.

The smaller tail at one end of the spectrum is people whose faith compels them and thus propels them into acts of service.

The second, and the largest, group are obedient citizens who are doing their part by social distancing but if they were to be honest just want things to get back to normal. They really miss going to church and all that comes with that.

Neither of those groups is my concern here.

The third group is ‘Christian Nationalist’. Some call this Christianism – I call it Frankenstein Christianity.  You can see how to get there in 5 easy steps.

I was first made aware of this phenomenon when Sarah Palin said that:

Waterboarding was how we baptize terrorists.

You can’t imagine Jesus saying something like that.

Watch this video and let me know what you think.